• Testimonials

  • Trust Acadiana has been an excellent venue to show case and lease our beautiful Toledo Bend Villa. In the process we have met many wonderful members and their families.

    Don Pippin Jr

    Being a member Trust Acadiana has been very beneficial to my business. Trading is a great way to do business with like minded businesses freeing up cash for other purchases.

    James Billeaudeau

    Any doubts I had about joining TRUST in 2010 have completely disappeared! Rick & Kathy have our back no matter the situation. For the staff at TRUST there are no problems. There are only opportunities to demonstrate incredible care & service of their members.

    David Bertrand

    I have been a member of Trust Acadiana for several years now and I absolutely love it! It has been great for business and it is also a great networking tool. I have met some great people and look forward to many more years to come.

    Cindy Viator

    We are enjoying our membership in Trust Acadiana. The future looks extremely bright for this organization and we look forward to being associated with them for many years to come

    Dr Brad Grizzaffi

    I would like to say that I’ve been involved with Trust Acadiana for years now and couldn’t be happier with the concept, operation, and the very dedicated staff in place. It’s all about saving cash, adding hundreds of new customers, and a little partying along the way . Get on board and stay active; it pays off!

    Mike Feehan

    Trust Acadiana has been a great asset to grow my business in so many ways. I’m very thankful and fortunate to apart of some of the best companies around and use there services without taking cash out of my business and personal accounts. Big thanks to the amazing staff and board, You Rock! I highly recommend Trust Acadiana to any company that is looking to grow a profitable business.

    Robert Husers

    Trust members support Trust Acadiana. If you are not a member, you miss income and opportunity!

    Penn Tompkins

    My family and I love Trust Acadiana. First off the staff is very helpful and kind. Second, Trust allows my family to try different businesses around Acadiana that otherwise we would not know exist. Finally, Trust helps me to get my business name out. I also get to met other business men and women in the community.

    Blake Melancon

    Unlike other barter associations we have been members of, Trust Acadiana is professionally managed with a great, helpful staff. Over the past 5 years, we have been able to increase our business with new clients that we probably would not have been exposed to on our own.

    Wayne Rabalais

    I love Trust Acadiana! Not only for the clear reason that bartering is amazing but also because of the family of members that are a part of it. The support is one of a kind! It has also generated sales from non Trust Acadiana just through word of mouth by fellow members.

    Owner of La Pizzeria and Great American Steak Company

    Christine Mhire

    Trust Acadiana has been one of the best and certainly the most cost effective marketing tools I have ever used.

    Randy Delatte

    Super excited to join! Can not wait to start using this amazing trade business!

    Blake Meche

    So glad to be a part of Trust Acadiana! It brings in business and you get to meet some really great people in your community.

    Brittney Marcell Courts

    My husband and I are thrilled to be invited to join. We can’t wait to start meeting fellow members. Kathy, you do a fantastic job!

    Brenda Smith

    Trust Acadiana is truly a tremendous help to my business and my bottom line. Rick and Kathy are always helpful and supportive and really work to grow your business and help find creative ways to use the member businesses to save money and get you the products and services that you need professionally and personally. I highly recommend Trust Acadiana.

    Debbie Desormeaux

    Great company to work with.

    Sean Dore

    Have enjoyed working with Rick and Kathy. Very good team with a good system.

    Ty Greneaux

    Works very well for our business!! We meet a lot of good people to do business with!

    Dennis Duhon

    Yeah to the QuikTrade App!

    Brandee Duhon

    This is the best organization that I have ever been associated with!

    John Fleuriet

    I love spending my Trust Dollars and have enjoyed the new business relationships I have developed through Trust Acadiana.

    Mandi Pooler

    I love the new customers Leona Sue’s has received through membership!

    Annie Taylor
    Leona Sue's Florist

    Let me say this, Trust Acadiana is the “Real Deal” and I would highly recommend any local business owner looking to get a leg up on their competition to give them a call.

    Kelly Mayeaux

    Trust Acadiana has provided my business with new customers that we wouldn’t have had access to otherwise. I have developed new business relationships and friends as a result of membership and I look forward to being a part of this organization for many years to come.

    David Stonicher

    Trust Acadiana has helped me grow my business. AND they also help to promote my business to other Trust Acadiana members. Thank you Rick and Kathy!

    Karen Cox

    Trust Acadiana drives business to us that we wouldn’t have access to otherwise.

    Philip Andrepont