• Selling

  • Want to improve your cash flow, get new customers, retain your employees?

    Call us at (337) 356-3480 and learn more.

  • You are going to love selling to Trust Acadiana members

    Every one of our members is a local Acadiana business owner, just like you. The very same things that are important to you are important to them. Our members love the business that they get from Trust Acadiana.

    They may even like spending their Trust Acadiana dollars even more! Many members use their trade dollars for products and services that they always wanted, but didn't have access to with cash.

    With our online system and convenient app, you can accept Trust Acadiana business over the phone or in person.

    Our team is always available to help walk you through your transactions. Whether if is your first few sales or some of your big transactions, we are here to help!

  • Need more business? We got this.

    Our team will work with you to manage how much trade business that you will receive.

    Is it a busy time of year for your cash business? We can dial down your promotion so that you can focus on your cash customers.

    Want more business? We will design an ad for you and send it out to our members. We will also feature it on our social media. All at no cost to you.

    Simply contact the office at (337) 356-3480 to get started.

  • Let's get you ready to start accepting Trust Acadiana

    Whatever kind of business you have, Trust Acadiana is a new way for your new customers to pay you.

    It is important that you train all of your employees on how to accept Trust Acadiana transactions. Our team is here to help you educate your staff.

    We will give you a Trust Acadiana sticker to place in your door so other members know that they can spend their Trust Acadiana dollars with confidence.

    Remember, these are business owners, just like you. Make sure that your team treats them as valuable customers. Our members love to refer Trust Acadiana businesses to friends and family, which means cash referrals for you!