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  • Every company has a different trade tolerance level. Our Members retain ultimate control over how much they trade by utilizing "standby" status. This alerts the members that you are currently not accepting Trade Dollars. Members on "standby" are denoted as such on the Member Listing.

    We do one thing and do it well. We do not want to risk your company's future or our reputation by offering any other product that we do not control.

    Our staff of highly trained trade brokers constantly monitor the wants and needs of our members. We carefully match buyers to sellers to insure that you have enough trade dollars to meet your demand for future purchases.

    Trust Acadiana, unlike most trade exchanges, is member-owned. That means that as a member you will participate in electing business owners, just like yourself, to serve on the Trust Acadiana Board of Directors. These directors oversee the financial accountability of the network.

    Unlike 'hit and miss' advertising, the prospect of getting new clients is guaranteed . As a member, you will enjoy the benefits of purchasing power with other members within our association. Meeting other members and discussing business will broaden your scope of understanding and make new resources available to you.

    That's simple! Trust Acadiana has been serving the Acadiana community since November 2009. We have established lasting relationships with hundreds of premier local businesses. In that time, we have protected the value of our currency through diligent management and oversight.