• Buying

  • Have you been wanting to upgrade your website or signage to increases traffic into your business? Needing to print more flyers? Call us and learn how to do this while saving your cash resources and getting brand new customers through your door!

  • Get to know the directory

    What opportunities do you have to start saving cash and spending the trade dollars that Trust Acadiana sends you? Now is the time to browse the directory and start asking yourself some questions:

    • Do you own or lease your business location?
      • Do you need any painting, plumbing, roofing, construction, janitorial, flooring, landscaping work?
    • Do you use your car for business or have a fleet of vehicles?
      • Do you need oil changes, auto repair, graphics, body work, car wash, upholstery repair?
    • Are you looking for regularly occurring services?
      • Bookkeeping, IT people, accountants, legal help, graphic design, phone service, etc?
    • Do you have ongoing printing needs?
      • Menus, direct mail, etc?

    You will find local business owners who offer all these services and more. Even when you are not specifically looking for a service, browse the network to get familiar with where you can spend your trade dollars!

  • Pay daily expenses with Trust Acadiana trade dollars

    The Trust Acadiana network has many local businesses services and products that you are currently spending cash on. They want to do business with you. They'll accept trade dollars for what you need and you get to keep your cash.

    • Download the Cash Spending Analysis to look for opportunities to start using trade instead of cash.
    • Browse the directory for a list of businesses you can use.
    • Contact the office and schedule a 1:1 with one of our team members to really get you started!

    Member Directory

  • Leverage your potential with us

    When you start thinking outside the box of how you can use Trust Acadiana, you can see more ways to help your business grow:

    • Do you need a website or does your current website need upgrades?
      • Get your website done on trade and we will send you the business to pay for it!
    • Have you wanted to advertise but didn't have the extra cash to do it?
      • Start attracting cash customers with your trade business.
    • Would you like to provide employee benefits?
      • You can offer dental to your key employees or offer other employee benefits.

    Trust Acadiana members love using their trade dollars to take care of themselves and their family, you can too:

    • Would you like to treat yourself to a massage or a gym membership?
    • Do you eat at restaurants regularly?
    • Are there any improvements around the house that you have been waiting to do until you have enough cash?

    As you speak with other Trust Acadiana members, you will find more ways of using your trade dollars to help improve your business, as well as your quality of life!