• How Does It Work?

  • Getting you new customers that are ready, willing and able to buy your goods or services is our business. We do this by knowing our members. Knowing what they need for their business and personal growth and connecting them with other members to fulfill those needs.

    What makes Trust Acadiana different? Instead of doing business with each other for cash, we bring you business through our managed barter system.

  • Manage your account easily

    • Receive and Pay trade dollars with the Trust Acadiana Card
    • Manage your account online with our secured system
    • Conduct transactions on your mobile devices
  • Trade? I already trade what I sell.

    Trade. If you are a business owner, you may be doing this already.

    You trade your services that you offer for what you need with another business owner. That’s direct trading, but it has its limits.

    • You need to know the business owner.
    • They do not sell a good or service that you need, but you would like this potential customer business.
    • There is a big difference in price for what you have and what they have.
    • It is hard keeping track of who owes what. You have a desk drawer of gift cards and certificates for things that you can't use all the time.
  • Trust Acadiana solves all of those problems

    Trust Acadiana offers a network of over 350 businesses in Acadiana and over 3,000 businesses network wide. Buy and sell with other members via Trust Acadiana dollars under your member account.

    Each member business has an account into which trade dollars are deposited. Once deposited, these trade dollars can be spent with any other Exchange member in the network. Trust Acadiana software acts as a third-party broker and trade bank.

    We have a team that specializes in getting you business. That is ALL we do. Through our marketing channels, you will start receiving business from customers who have a higher likelihood to spend trade dollars, rather than cash. We educate members about what you do and qualify the leads we send to you. You will love doing business with other business owners in the Acadiana area and you will find that they have a higher affinity to spend trade dollars more than cash. Our secured accounting system keeps track of all of your sales and purchases. No more boxes of receipts.

    Call us at (337) 356-3480 and we can explain more about how Trust Acadiana can send customers who are ready for your business.

  • Watch me!

    This is a brief explanation of how barter works for a business owner within the Trust Acadiana network.

    Browse our news feed to get more insights on how can the additional trade business you get from Trust Acadiana can help your business.

  • We are member owned.

    What does that mean? It means that the companies with representation are protected from operator mismanagement. A Board of Directors, elected from the membership, provides oversight of staffing, management policies and all company financials. This has been the key to establishing and maintaining a healthy economy.

    Meet our Board of Directors

  • We love our members ...

    Their business and their families are important to us. Learn more about how Trust Acadiana has made a difference for our members and consider this:

    How can Trust Acadiana best serve you?

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