• About Us

  • In 2009, motivated by the desire to create a business network that really worked, the founding members of Trust Acadiana gathered to make their dream a reality. They envisioned a barter network that was laser focused on the prosperity of its members. Trust Acadiana would provide more than just a static network of local businesses, it would be a dynamic company that served it's members on multiple fronts. Basic trade management would be enhanced by hiring staff that could offer sound leadership in branding, marketing and targeted advertising.

    Almost a decade and over 12 million dollars in trades later, Trust Acadiana continues to be the standard-bearer in the trade industry. Our staff, while meeting the daily needs of the membership, keeps an eye on the future of the industry. Keeping your business connected to the best, most innovative methods of trade management protects the value of your trade dollars and attracts great new companies to the Trust Acadiana family.